BPN Programs and Services/Resources

Peer Support Group (PSG)

Every first Wednesday of the month via Zoom conference call. Blind and Visually Impaired unite to discuss challenges we may be experiencing in the workplace or during employment search. We share tips and strategies on how to overcome barriers. Discuss Current events affecting the blind and visually impaired professional community, assistive technology that can enhance the workplace experience, Upcoming events, trainings, and share employment opportunities, such as job fairs and job/employment position openings. All of this and more in our relatable platform.

BPN Professional Empowerment Wednesday (PEW)

Every third Wednesday of the month via Zoom conference call. BPN will present various professional development workshops and presentations to help ensure you are equipped with the skills and confidence needed to compete in the challenging job market. Workshops will include, but not be limited to:

BPN is continuously working on developing professional workshops to stay current and competitive in the new COVID19 employment market.

BPN Employment Services

BPN acknowledges the diversity in employment needs. Whether you need assistance with

specific positions you are looking for, etc., we can assist to help your employment search be less stressful. Meet with BPN to fine tune exactly what employment services you need. Blind Professionals Network offers 1-on-1, beginning-to-end employment services, helping to develop an effective resume, find job opportunities that fit skills, interview with confidence, and insure job retention. BPN Employment Services program is designed to optimize the effectiveness and proficiency, for blind and visually impaired, in the overall job search experience, while assisting to acquire professional employment writing skills, develop professional interview strategies, and prepare for employment and future career success!

BPN Mentoring

Blind Professionals Network (BPN) Mentoring Program pairs professional blind/visually impaired mentors/mentees with common career goals/interest to support, motivate and encourage mentees, by sharing knowledge and experiences, strategies to overcome challenges, provide resources and networking opportunities, and promote overall empowerment of professional success for blind and visually impaired individuals!

Career Coaching

1-on1 Professional Development Coaching is available to all blind and visually impaired individuals that are Entrepreneurs, employed, job seekers, or unsure of career goals, to assist with self-assessment to Evaluate your employment/career goals, career advancement, setting professional goals and how to achieve those goals using a tailored action plan.

BPN Resources

BPN Members receive resource emails to stay informed of employment opportunities, educational workshops/trainings for professional development and enhancement, not only from BPN but other organizations and agencies or education institutions that offer trainings, Assistive Technology offers and updates, Disability Rights resources, and other resources that may benefit individuals in the blind/visually impaired community. These resources are available to you, and we encourage you to share with others as well!

Directory of Blind Professionals

A direct connection to our BPN members with a wealth of knowledge, as well as a variety of services and products offered by blind and visually impaired individuals. This is a wonderful way for entrepreneurs to promote their small business for free!

BPN Networking Mixers

Blind and visually impaired professionals coming together to mix and mingle. Whether it is face-to-face or via Zoom, this is a fantastic way to Exchange contact information and form professional relationships that can be mutually beneficial. It is not all business though, enjoy the professional party atmosphere in a relaxed environment!

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