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In an effort to ensure BPN members are able to communicate with BPN staff, schedule BPN trainings and coaching, and more, we have made it easy to connect with us. The links below will take you directly to the BPN scheduling calendar for the appropriate meeting request.

NOTE: For orientation, trainings, and coaching, please be sure to complete the BPN member form prior to scheduling a meeting.

Registration not needed if you are a representative of an organization, agency, employer, business, would like to partner with BPN, or find out more about BPN, please schedule using this link:

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BPN offers virtual 1-on-1 JAWS training to all BPN members. Trainings will be tailored to your needs, whether this is your first-time using Jaws, have not used in a while or simply want to enhance your Jaws knowledge, BPN will assist you at your level. Schedule your Jaws Training here:

Schedule Here for JAWS Training


BPN offers training for the free screen reader software NVDA. From learning how to use NVDA to learning how to use with specific programs, such as Microsoft Office, BPN can help. Schedule your NVDA training here:

Schedule NVDA Training Here NOTE: Learn more and download the free NVDA screen reader program here: Download NVDA


BPN offers 1-on-1, beginning-to-end employment services, helping to develop an effective resume, find job opportunities that fit skills, interview with confidence, and insure job retention. Schedule Your session here:

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1-on1 Professional Development Coaching is available to BPN members that are Entrepreneurs, employed, job seekers, or unsure of career goals, to assist with self-assessment to Evaluate your employment/career goals, career advancement, setting professional goals and how to achieve those goals using a tailored action plan. Schedule your coaching session here:

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Schedule a call to find out details about how BPN can benefit you, as well as let us know your expectations of being a part of the network. We want to make sure your experience with BPN is the best, so please come introduce yourself and let’s begin networking! Schedule your new member orientation here:

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We encourage BPN members to schedule a call with BPN staff as warranted. If you would like to give a suggestion, provide feedback, questions about programs and/or services, or anything else BPN related, please schedule a meeting here:

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