BPN Upcoming Events:

Attending Blind Professionals Network workshops, presentations, and support groups is free to BPN members. Email invites will automatically be sent to members with specific event details. To be included on the BPN invite email list, simply become a member of BPN by completing the Join BPN registration form and begin enjoying all the benefits of being a BPN member! Please Note: Only one registration is required. Once you join BPN, you can rest assured that email invites will be sent to you automatically.

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The month of July is always a hiatus month for BPN. With all the conventions, expos, and summer vacations, we feel this is a great time to take a summer break! BPN will resume regularly scheduled Zoom meetings on the first Wednesday in August, which will be on August 3rd. Please check back the last week of July for the updated BPN events. Also be sure to follow all our social media platforms, direct links on contact page, to keep up with BPN day-to-day doings! Best wishes for a happy and safe summer to you all!